Ask an Adult Skater

Welcome to Ask an Adult Skater! (Its original name—Everything You Wanted to Know About Being an Adult Skater But Were too Afraid to Ask—was a little too onerous, and also just terrible for SEO.) This project is in its infancy so please do bear with me as I figure out a viable format and frequency for it.

Here is where I'll be keeping a list of the questions I've fielded from other adult skaters as I attempt to do my part to be a productive member of the adult skating community. There are questions not everyone knows to ask, questions not everyone is comfortable asking, and questions not everyone wants to ask their coaches—and I'm more than happy to field them!

Ask an Adult Skater
* What to expect when you're testing
* What's in your skate bag?

Got a question you want me to answer? You can either leave it anywhere on this blog or send me an email at I have a bit of a backlog of questions to chip away at but promise that I will eventually tackle them all. 


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