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Adulting always interferes with skating

One of the most frustrating things about being an adult skater is when the skating gets eclipsed by the adulting. In the time between now and my last post, I, among other things: traveled across the country and back for work, experienced my first West Coast earthquake, planned tomorrow’s work trip in a matter of hours, went to a memorial service, made a friend, turned another year older, and got paid to write an article about the importance of having a hobby while also completely neglecting mine. A week and a half off the ice hurts. And a lot happens in that time. I went from bitterly missing my usual ice time and thinking about all the practice I wasn't getting to thinking about how easily I adjusted to a skating-less schedule and how maybe that means something I don't wanna think about. Because, like, who needs to be happy when you can just overthink everything instead, right? Missing things is an absence of happiness. Not missing things is a deluge of relief. I rode bo