Weird what some focus can accomplish, eh?

This has been a banner week for skating. I've made more progress with my back spins and loop jumps in the past week than I have in the past year and a half, my sit spins are a work in progress but are that rare move that feels like I'm making noticeable progress every day, I'VE STARTED WORKING ON MY AXEL ON THE ICE, and my primary coach must have told me "that's your best one yet" not only more than ever in one lesson but also about so many things. AND all five of my Bronze MITF test elements felt the most proficient and fluid they ever have in terms of a cohesive, passing test. I love feeling so into this sport and in the zone, and those days when leaving the ice is almost painful are proof that I can get so much accomplished if I just let my brain follow along with my body.

Also, I'll be writing for the blog Adults Skate Too and already have my first post up. Lots of adult skaters have already shared their stories and advice, too, and there's also info about upcoming camps and competitions.

Lake Placid is just a couple days (or two lessons and a freestyle session) away now, and I cannot stop poring over the class schedule. I told myself that I'd be more discriminating about the classes I take this time so I can maybe squeeze in a private lesson buuut the two coaches I most want to work with aren't teaching this year and this class schedule feels like it is basically made of things I need to work on. Either way, I get to skate for hours and hours while learning from some awesome instructors and excellent company in a town that makes my heart so happy, so it's a win no matter what. 


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