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Bruised bodies with grateful hearts

(Hi, Liz! Thanks lots for being my muse today. You're why I finally got around to finishing/posting this.) Hooooly bejeezus, I swear this blog and I are still mostly alive. Things were going so well. I was skating more days than not, I was super motivated, I was making tons of progress, and I was actually committing my Pre-Bronze FS program to memory, bit by slooooowly sticking bit. Then work became a pre-show whirlwind. And the end of summer freestyle hours meant that my lovingly cultivated coterie of adult skaters all resumed their normal schedules. And then, less than a week before I was scheduled to leave for my biggest work event of the year, some kid ripped the front bumper off my car by running a red light and smashing right into the front of my poor old girl (RIP Faith, whose 13-year run was pretty impressive, especially considering that she was surrounded by other Jersey drivers for most of her life). I actually got myself back on the ice not even 48 hours after bein