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What I learned during my summer skate-cation

Even though school is an ever-diminishing speck in the rearview for me, even though college was such a great experience that it's the only time I’ve ever wished away the summer that I’ve always loved, the passage of Labor Day is still packed with melancholy for me. The unofficial, premature death of summer means shorter days, dropping temperatures, yellowing greens, and the slow backslide from ordinary garden-variety depression to its much nastier alter ego as the seasons of death bear down like the vicious beasts they are. I usually bid the steamiest season adieu with miles of regret, mourning all the beach days and road trips and stereotypical summer fun I never got because adulting is literally the worst. And, sure, I didn’t see a single grain of oceanside sand this summer, but, really, the introvert in me knows that the shore isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Instead, I ping-ponged back and forth between my summer rinks and friends’ isolated oasis of a backyard pool that was p