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Getting over the fear, getting even more love

The summer can make for scarce ice time and scary rink conditions, but I am, for the most part, having a run of great luck squeezing in more practice time than I usually get. I’m still in awe of how welcoming a rink can feel when it’s not just the ice itself that feels like coming home, and cannot get over what a difference it makes when freestyle is less a sea of anonymous skaters who can stroke circles around me and, instead, becomes a constellation of skating friends (and LOTS of other adult skaters!) who make our icy second home a parade of warm welcomes. Slooooowly coming out of my shell was definitely a year-and-a-half long process, and while I’m a little miffed that it's my own damn fault I missed out on meeting lots of fabulous people sooner AND benefiting from oodles of early-morning skate times, I’m glad it’s something I can better understand because the freestyle fear is so real for adult skaters. I cannot believe how many of these amazing ladies who are my Adult Skati