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Turn and face the strange

So help me Cthulhu, skating really HAS turned me into a morning person. I would still happily swap internal organs for after-work freestyle availability because my brain staunchly refuses to switch on before noon, but my introversion is becoming increasingly smitten with moving through the world when most of the world is still waking up. The times I skip skating (… or, uh, don’t check the rink's calendar and am greeted by a hockey-tournament-packed parking lot at 7 a.m., only to head back home like nothing ever happened…) and start my day after the sun is already streaming through every window always feel wrong now: I never thought that going about my morning routine before dawn even starts whispering of the day’s potential would become my normal. And here I am, routinely feeling my way through a 5:30-darkened bedroom like it’s second nature, showering in the dark because it’s still a novel reminder that I get to watch the sunrise splash all kinds of colors across the ret