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Progress in context

It is remarkable what a little perspective does. My primary coach and I usually do private lessons after Saturday group lessons; if one of us can't make it, we'll try to find another day. When we can manage to link up on the nights she teaches at the rink 10 minutes from my house, it's like the stars align as a choir of angels warbles on. We’ve managed to catch up on Tuesdays fairly frequently: The first was for the make-up lesson shuffle, but the week after was purely scoring some free ice time while helping with an adult Learn to Skate class she was teaching—and now, apparently, it looks like it's gonna be a regularly scheduled routine. I've been grabbing all the skating time I can get because I AM taking my Bronze MITF this June, and because I'm simply tired of not giving skating the time I want to be spending with it. I just skated six days in a row for the first time ever earlier this month: If nothing else, learning how to accommodate more skating t