It's (almost!) the most wonderful time of the year

Usually, the first day of spring means I run full-tilt at florals and flip-flops and dresses sans leggings while remaining convinced that I can wish immediate 75-degree days to happen by sheer force of winter-weary will.

However. I didn't realize my favorite season was officially upon us until embarrassingly late in the day. But I have a good reason because there are more important matters at hand: I can finally stop obsessively refreshing the (newly redesigned) Lake Placid Skating site because 2019 ADULT PROGRAM DATES ARE HEEEEERE!!!!!!

I took a chance and already booked a hotel based on previous years' dates because there was nothing but Airbnbs by the time I registered for last year's inaugural dive into adult skating camps; while I absolutely loooooved the Saranc Lake Airbnb hubs and I shacked up in last year, we wanted to stay both in town and in a hotel this year. And, folks, for those of you with similar inklings, book that shit NOW because pickings were getting slim a month ago.

As a bonus, there was a flash sale of LPS attire available as add-on goodies during the registration process. Is this a new thing? Is it a limited-time offer? Dunno, but there's now a very blue skating jacket coming my way because my poor impulse control knows exactly what it wants.

And if you're on the fence about going, allow me to direct your attention to the rave-filled write-ups I squealingly belched into the digital ether last year:
Part One: The Emotions
Part Two: The Experience

Anyway. I thought I couldn't get any happier today because my local Stewart's is finally open but! It's 92 days 'til Lake Placid!


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